Welcome to the forum area of CARE sites: the main CARE site, the Business Climate Observatory and The Tableau de Bord de l'Économie Nationale.

The forum aims to offer you a space, a virtual Agora which is open to registered participants. They can comment and engage discussions online on all data and information posted on CARE sites such as the Tableau de Bord économique National They will also be able to comment and share with CARE and other participants their potential analyses and / or publications on the subjects that appear or taht are commented by their peers on these sites.

We strive to make these spaces a friendly, warm and open place where everyone can express themselves without judging or being judged. We favor respect and tolerance as well as decorum. 

This is why it is imperative to respect the simple rules detailed in this Charter.

We invite you to read this Charter carefully, the terms of which you will have to accept in order to have access to CARE forums and its different categories. Any violation of the rules of conduct cited below may result in moderation and / or banning of your username (s), e-mail address (es).

We remind you that communication via internet does not allow you to qualify your remarks by gestures, intonations or glances and that therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the exchange of ideas and disagreements take place in the mutual respect.


The access to CARE forums is non-public, it is reserved for those duly registered and validated by the moderator.

Registration for the forums is done through different stages:

  • Register, choose a login (e-mail) and a password. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Be sure to enter a valid email address.
  • Click on the link in the confirmation email.
  • Your account is activated: you then have access to the Forum. You post your contribution there; it will be read by the moderator who will validate your registration.
  • You are then registered on the forum.
  • CARE reserves the right to delete any account that is not activated or for which no contribution has been posted within 2 months.

Any false or incomplete declaration in these registration forms is penalised by the cancellation of the registration without notice. Only one registration per person will be taken into account (same email address, same name). It is essential to keep your information up to date (email address in particular).

The elements allowing a member to identify himself and to connect to the the forum service are personal and confidential. Each subscriber must be the only one to use it and is solely responsible for the use of his password. The member is committed to keep his password secret and not to disclose it in any form whatsoever.

In the case that a member becomes aware of the loss, theft or fraudulent use by a third party of his user name, login and password, he undertakes to modify himself in the interface provided for this purpose the password and to inform CARE of these facts by sending an email to


We moderate messages whose content does not respect Algerian regulations as well as those which could disturb the user-friendliness of our forum (see article 9 regarding moderation procedures).


Out of respect for the Intellectual Property Code, any full quotation from a website, paper work, etc. is prohibited. It is, however, authorized to partially cite an author, a user of a forum or a site, provided that the name and the source are clearly cited and that the citation has an informative interest.


Quoting personal information about users or the moderation team or CARE Association members is strictly prohibited. Copies of private messages or electronic correspondence are prohibited (breach of the confidentiality of correspondence).

Any collection of personal data appearing in public areas of the Internet (discussion forum, website, directory, etc.) without the knowledge of Internet users is prohibited. (See Law n ° 18-07 of June 10, 2018 of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria).


Citation of personal information about users or the moderation team or members of CARE is expressly prohibited. Copies of private messages or any recurring advertising (brands, websites, commercial services) are subject to moderation. 


Any abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, pedophilc message is prohibited, it will be deleted without notice and will lead to the ban of its author and lead to prosecution depending on the seriousness. (See Article 11).

Verbal aggression, mockery, vulgar words are also prohibited and will be moderated.


Any intrusion into the data processing system, illicit collection and concealment of data is prohibited and liable to penal sanctions defined the law.


Moderation can be done trough two different ways:

  • When a word or part of a message enters the moderation frame, the message is published but the moderated part will be deleted or replaced with asterisks ***.
  • When the entire message needs to be moderated, it is deleted without prior notice.


The role of moderators is:

  • To erase racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, insulting and defamatory remarks, advertising messages, and more generally to erase any message or part of a message that does not comply with this Charter.
  • In serious cases, to banish people who do not respect this Charter.
  • The role of moderators is not to give reason to such and such a person but, simply, to ensure that the law and the rules set out in this Charter are fully respected.

You can get in touch with moderators either by sending a Private Message to the Moderator user or by sending an email to


You are held responsible for the content of your messages. CARE reserves the right to engage of the legal proceedings if your comments are contrary to Algerian content regulations and respect for the rights of others.

In order to maintain the reliability of the forum, when you post information other than your personal testimony, we thank you to cite the source of this information.


In accordance with legislation for the protection of personal data, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you. (Art. 25, heading III of Law No. 18-07 of June 10, 2018)

You can also request the deletion of your contributions at any time. You have the right to access and rectify your personal data (right to access files) and your contributions.

In accordance with the law, we do not keep any record of your deleted messages. Also, we recommend you not to exercise this right without reason, because deleting messages impairs the correct reading of the discussions and may affect other participants.

To rectify your personal data 

After identifying yourself in a forum, click on "My Profile" and fill in the fields you wish to modify. You can choose to change your email address or your password.

You can also fill in your profile, introduce yourself to the community by creating your personal signature.

To modify or delete messages, the method is as follows: 

You select the message you wish to modify, then you click on "Edit". You can thus modify your message. Then click on "Validate". If you want to delete your message, click on "Delete this message".

Once the message has been validated and published on the site, it can no longer be modified, it can however be deleted by its owner at any time.


We practice a posteriori moderation. We strive to moderate as quickly as possible. If you need to contact the moderator, you can send an email to


We assume no liability as regards for the veracity of the messages, the identity, or the morality of users. When you participate in on line exchanges, we recommend that you do not provide personal information (name, address, telephone, email ...) to avoid any misuse, and use of the content of private messages.

We try to ensure through moderation the compliance of messages with content regulations and respect for the rights of others, but we decline all responsibility for any errors, omissions or results obtained by an ill intentioned person and who would divert your broadcast messages. We are not responsible for any information you may collect by clicking on a hyperlink in a message.


For a pleasant reading and an easy navigation on our sites, we ask you:

  • write titles/discussion topics clear and concise
  • to deal with the subject that you know, the most appropriate to your topic of discussion.
  • to avoid any generalization in your words and therefore we ask you to testify / comment by saying "I".
  • to avoid writing an entire message or title in all capitals, on the Internet it is assimilated to a shrug of the voice, which is unethical (Ethics on the Internet).

In order to maintain the user-friendliness of this forum, we ask that you avoid making judgements such as "You are making a mistake choosing / saying ... ».


CARE reserves the right, at any time, to modify or interrupt temporarily or permanently the service, to end all or part of the right of access. These modifications or interruptions may not give rise to compensation.

CARE cannot guarantee the absolute continuity of access to the service, response times, data backup or security in data transmissions.


CARE reserves the right to modify the dispositions of this charter. If you continue to use CARE sites, you accept any changes that may have taken place.

If one or more of the dispositions of this charter were invalidated for any reason whatsoever, the other dispositions will continue in full force and effect.

In case of difficulty of interpretation between any of the headings and the clauses to which it relates, the disputed heading will be declared non-existent.

These terms and conditions are governed by Algerian law, for the substantive and form rules.