1. What is TBN? 

Le Tableau de bord de l'économie nationale - TBN is the first digital platform that gathers and gives free access in a single place to all information on the Algerian economy from official sources.

It is made up of an evolving set of sections representing the major axes of the national economy, the information of which is updated regularly, in the form of statistical data, analysis notes and contextual surveys.

2. Who is the editor of TBN? 

Le Tableau de Bord de l’économie nationale - TBN is an initiative of the Cercle d'Action et de Réflexion pour l'Entreprise (CARE) which is a meeting space of the “think-tank” type around shared values and a desire to act to help improve business climate. 

By taking such initiative, CARE is fully in line with the will of the Algerian economic and political authorities who have always insisted on the usefulness and on the need for everyone to have access to complete information on all issues affecting the country's economy. The last constitutional reform has perfectly confirmed, in its article 51, the principle of guaranteed access to statistics for citizens.

3. Where does TBN data come from? 

Public institutions as well as economic organizations empowered to collect, process and publish data relating to the Algerian economy constitute the main sources of all TBN statistical data.

In this sense, a group of experts is working full-time to collect the data from TBN and produce various and unexplored axes of analysis which will then be validated by the Scientific Council appointed by CARE.

4. Is the information in TBN frequently updated? 

The regular and dynamic updating of information in TBN meets the objective of legibility and foreseeability in the national economy serving to enhance the strengths of the destination Algeria.

TBN undertakes to make updated information available to all decision-makers, economic players and the general public in the following forms:

4.1  Statistical data on the national economy: 

Which are organised in the form of a set of fourteen main headings which provide the essential of the key figures of the national economy.

4.2  Quarterly economic note:

This document is produced every quarter for an update of the situation of the Algerian economy at several aspects. It makes the link between statistics and the economic fact. It allows, among other things, to know the state of growth, inflation, unemployment and the exchange rate. This document is produced four times a year. It is built around statistics collected from national and international organizations on the thirteen themes covered by this note.

4.3  Monthly flash:

The monthly flash provides an update on the main economic facts that marked the month. Its content depends on the economic events that have occurred. These flashes are commented on to allow everyone to grasp the trends that could have an impact on the fourteen themes covered by the quarterly economic report.

4.4  Business climate monitoring / OCA monitoring / OCA index (provisional title):

Allowing the evaluation of the measures taken towards the Company to promote its development, its competitiveness in its sector of activity, on the national market as well as its potential international deployment.

4.5  Surveys & Polls (Contextual): 

Surveys concerning business climate and surveys conditions relating to a particular economic situation weighing on the economy, by using sampling techniques, questionnaires and / or formal and standardized interviews.

4.6  Information notes: 

Information notes are occasional notifications addressed exclusively to TBN subscribers relating to new official economic data that is attractive to be known to all stakeholders within a short time frame.

5. Can I share the information published on the Tableau de Bord? 

All of the information published on the TBN is public and official, so sharing is fully authorized.

1. How can I subscribe to the Tableau de Bord? 

To subscribe to the Tableau de Bord, simply create a profile by clicking here, or by contacting us via email: tbn@care.dz

2. How can I access my profile? 

To access your profile information, simply click here or click on My Profile on the Tableau de Bord home page

3. How can I receive Tableau de Bord updates? 

To receive all Tableau de Bord updates, it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter by subscribing to this link.

4. How can I contribute / comment on the notes published on the Tableau de Bord? 

It is possible to contribute or comment on the Tableau de Bord publications, on the Quarterly Note page and / or on the Monthly Flash page .

5. Can I share the notes posted on the Tableau de Bord? 

It is possible to share the information present on the TBN as its sources emanate entirely from the public domain.