Consumer price index 

Average inflation is close to 4.6% over the entire period. After accelerating in 2016 and peaking at 8% in January 2017, inflation has started to decline since then to reach 2% in April 2020. The acceleration of inflation observed in early 2016 was due to the upward revision of fuel prices, which have increased by more than half since that date. The provisions of the CFL2020 could lead to further increases from the second half of the year. 

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hamid ZIDOUNI Posted on : 04 Juin 2021 10:48

Merci de mettre d'abord un graphe retraçant la tendance (trend) de l'inflation globale puis ajouter par la suite la déclinaison de l'IPC par groupe de produits.

Samy Boukaila Posted on : 16 Novembre 2020 15:46

Il serait intéressant d'Evaluer l'impact de la dévaluation du DZD face au Monnaies d'Importation que sont l'euro et USD sur le niveau d'inflation depuis 2016 ( 31

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